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Mediterranean Conference of Information Systems (MICS)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am just back from the 4th MICS, a fast growing new conference in the already crowded IS conference domain. The conference was held in Athens Greece and attracted about 250 participants (from just 65 two years ago). Maybe the Mediterranean destinations are attractive but I met very few participants from N. Europe and none from any other continent. Athens had for us a very nice weather and the conference offered to the participants an excellent dinner in the foot of Parthenon.
Very good organized by the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), the university I graduated 30 years ago! I was glad to give a lecture in the place I followed lectures as student back in the 70s. Many interesting sessions and presentations. The program was including a visit to the amazing new Acropolis museum ( below me standing on the terrace of the building). The missing (or rather stolen) "Elgin Marbles" are replaced by copies that will be removed if the originals will ever return to Athens. Many in Greece and abroad hope that some day this act of cultural vandalism will be reversed; the 150 million Euro museum was build also to put more pressure to the custodian of the sculptures the British Museum to return them to Greece.
My presentation for those interested is available in SLIDESHARE. The paper is available at request!
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