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Facebook Users Hit “Dislike” Button for Timeline

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook users Click the "like" in the Timeline

About 56% of Facebook users who are aware of changes in social networks do not like, according to a new survey.

2000 telephone survey conducted by USA Today and People Gallup found that 26% of people who use the site each day, are "very concerned" about privacy versus 35% who use it once a week. These figures are significant in light of the new timeline feature that allows Facebook users to share their background is on Facebook and give targeted information to advertisers. Check Facebook for roll-out timeline is unclear.

Facebook changes are evident, however, users on a daily basis, but not so much to the public. Only 34% of respondents were aware of the changes, even though 87% were daily users. The users who were aware of the changes, 56% did not like, 36% considered them. These data are closely monitored for users to query Mashable September 30, 3200 In this survey, approximately 59% of users said it did not bother to fill the program.

The study shows that even if Facebook can be a part of everyday life for millions of people's lives, for many it is still just a curiosity.

What do you think? Like the Facebook changes again? Let us know in the comments.
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