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Twitter App Clarifies License Directly Related Messages

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twitter has responded to the concerns of a developer on the permission level of Twitter applications to real-thirds are more user data.

Last Friday, the Dutch developer of publicity for what he allowed to use a saw on Twitter API. Developers can create an application using Twitter OAuth authentication process that does not require access to direct messages to users, you may still use messages directly in any case.

Because we continued to research the history and talk with the developers, it became clear that it is not so much so that the hole in the authentication or access to the process, but the screen that users see when granting access to applications is not true.

In a statement, Twitter says:

As announced in May, Twitter is replacing our authentication model to give users more control over the information that third-party applications. Recently, we extended this period until the end of June to give developers more time to consider the application to fit the new model. We are updating the text to clarify existing rights monitors such data or applications can not be a transitional period.

For an overview of third party applications, or you agreed to make changes to this list, please visit the "Programs" from your Twitter account.

So Twitter has announced more granular access changes to the account, all applications can access their messages directly. This change from June 30, 2011 - However, so far, all applications will have access to the deputy, even if the creator of the application states that do not have to log in now.

Switch is in the screen of the authorization application and real access to holds. In about two weeks, applications that are not supposed to have direct access to your messages are not.

The problem here was one of security, but an observation. Twitter promising new application of the display, hopefully, bring these ideas correctly.

Users of this means that before June 30 to wait for each application can use direct messages - the same as always. As June 30, 2011, applications can not ask for more background information.
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