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Why Leaders Must Engage with Social Media

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation on social media at the Women & Power Conference Reunion at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. While I'm convinced that not all C-level executives need to be Twitter junkies, I am absolutely convinced that they need to be acquainted with social media.

There are two basic reasons:
  1. There may be external events that are picked up on social media and require attention.
  2. There may be internal activities that are good and need to be encouraged or potentially damaging and need to be restrained or monitored.
How does the relevant C-level executive know what to do (or not do) if she does not understand social media?
W&P Reunion.pptx
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This presentation was a lot of fun to develop. I hope you have equal fun reading it.

Even more, what are your thoughts on this important, but undercovered, subject?
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