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Real Time Marketing ADIDAS adiVerse: A new shopping experience based on POS Mass Customization

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adidas in cooperation with Intel created adiVerse, a 3D touch-screen, interactive display that increases substantially the assortment of retailers: 8.000 sport shoes can be displayed and customers can search for them, examine them from different angles and order. The system recognizes the shopper’s gender and displays the proper product selection. Adidas, like many other producers of sport articles has quite an extensive experience in online mass customization.

The display developed by Intel as part of their Connected Store vision aims at offering personalized and customized products in a traditional retailing environment, offering in other words traditional shoppers an advantage that so far only online shopping could offer.

The High Street strikes back? Let's wait for the official launch of the service during the London Olympics next year.
ps. an interesting and relevant to Real Time Marketing / mass customization article of ACCENTURE just relesed
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