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One week in Greece Part II: Cultural Cross Media in Thessaloniki

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The second part of my Greek week included a train trip from Athens the Thessaloniki. I did this trip for the last time when I was 14!! This time the trip was much faster (about 5 hours, not bad for a Greek train covering a distance of 500 km) and more comfortable. In Thessaloniki I was invited to give a lecture by my colleage dr. Aris Matopoulos from the CITY College of the University of Sheffield and two lectures by my colleague prof. Maro Vlachopoulou from the University of Macedonia.

Thessaloniki is a great city with a lot of entertainment and cultural options and not to forget great culinary tradition: you find there some of the best examples of Greek food for very reasonable prices.
Between the lectures there was also time to visit a few monuments and museums I never visited before: The marvelous museum of Byzantine Culture and the Thessaloniki Archeological Museum.
This last museum was a must for me because I knew that there was a digital exposition there called “Macedonia: From Fragments to Pixels”. After the experiences with the Acropolis Museum (see previous blog) I was very curious to see these apps. Two of them I found very interesting: the POLYAPTON ( could be translated as Multi-touch) and the Multimodal Diverse Travel . Many interesting options to make such tools part of a Museum online and social media based marketing.
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