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One week in Greece Part I: The Acropolis Museum Website Challenge

Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the 18th of November I was in Athens together with the winning group of my 1st year International Bachelor marketing students to present the report about the website of the Acropolis Museum to the direction of the museum. Indeed the group like all 17 groups that participated in the case study did a very good work and produced many interesting ideas for improvement of the site. Crowdsourcing in an optimum form!! The Faculty offered to the winning team the trip to Athens and the students enjoyed a guided tour to the Museum, their visit to the archeological sites of Athens and a dinner under the Acropolis. The Athens (almost) summer weather made the whole happening complete. For me it was also a new experience to walk for the first time in a neighborhood at the eastern foot of the Acropolis hill making you think that you are in a Greek Island of the Aegean; the houses were indeed build around 1860 by emmigrants to Athens from the island Anafi. A different experience to walk in an island village in the center of Athens,even for an Athenian like me!

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