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Monday, October 25, 2010

After almost two months of silence - due to an extremely busy schedule - I am back to blogging. A lot of interesting things have happened in the meantime. I survived teaching three classes Marketing Management in 1/2 semester and tomorrow the students should demonstrate what they have learned in the mid-semester exams. With our new International Bachelor BA course things were very excited since the group assignment of this year was a bit different than usual: The students must analyze the current online presence of the New Acropolis Museum and design a new one. The museum direction was very helpful and even made a special video for the occasion. The faculty offered a trip to Athens to the winning group and our University newspaper published a nice article about this.
Furthermore my NIKOS colleagues and I have survived another relocation of the department, inside the UT campus this time. I try to cope with the (accidental) formatting of the hard disc of my notebook and the avalanche of interest about Social Media marketing. Last week I enjoyed very much speaking to the ACCENTURE Social CRM Master Class in Amsterdam. Last month I participated in a Social Media Seminar organized by BothSolutions in the Venture Lab Twente and in November I will give two seminars on Social Media Marketing to the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. Other exciting news is that one of my BA students finished his BA thesis with subject the potential of Social Media as instruments of higher education marketing (see NEW PUBLICATIONS). Very interesting findings on the online social behavior of future university students in The Netherlands. A lot of interest already for this study since it was presented in the 2010 Student Research Conference in The Hague a few days ago; It is a good basis for a couple of scientific papers (the conference paper is available at request). This is part of research we do in online behavior of Social Media users.

So far so good but that’s not all; many exciting things have happened recently (and keep happening) in the Social Media domain. In the next weeks I will try to present some interesting cases of Social Media marketing in reference (whenever possible) to my Social Media Marketing Model - based on my 2008 JDDDM paper - that despite its age is becoming more and more actual. Those interested stay tuned.
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