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10 reasons to quit your FACEBOOK account

Monday, May 17, 2010

I was never a big fan of FACEBOOK and the only reason of having an account there was mostly scientific curiosity than anything else. I had about 20 friends (all family or colleagues) just to see how things work and my activity was limited to test how user friendly the application is and follow the pages of a few brands and organizations.
Maybe you wonder why the past tense; this because last weekend I took the decision to close my FACEBOOK account. For those who follow what is going on with FACEBOOK not a strange decision at al. The questionable practices of FACEBOOK regarding privacy, data protection etc are widely debated issues.
The idea of quitting Facebook was in my mind for some time now and often I had to reject invitations of "friends" to join them and their network.
However passive posture to FACEBOOK is not enough, I think that we deal with a serious problem here. If you look for reasons why you should quit your FACEBOOK account you should read the Business Insider and GIZMODO's Facebook's Ludicrously Complicated Privacy Settings posts. For those who want to form an even more comprehensive idea of privacy problems in the web (where applications like FACEBOOK play a major role) I recommend to read or see the video of the speech of Eben Moglen's Talk on Freedom in the Cloud  at a meeting of the Internet Society's New York branch on Feb 5, 2010.

If you decide to close your FACEBOOK account use the shortcut This will save you maybe an hour searching how to get there!
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