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Ten Years After the meltdown: A new Web milestone

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You might remember that March 2000 was the month that the bubble busted sending the overvalued high tech stocks in a tailspin and launching the first major financial crisis of the millennium. After making headlines and capturing the imagination of the whole world the iconic names of the 90s like Webvan, Kozmo, and made once more headlines with their highly publicized demise. For many this was the end of the e-commerce experiment. Ten years after, despite a few hickups, the web seems to be more robust than ever.
Is 2010 going to be a milestone year in online marketing: According to an Outsell  just published study advertisers plan to spend more on digital and online marketing and advertising than on print. E-Marketing is getting the mainstram! I am not surprised, this was just a matter of time. For field marketers but also for Marketing  educators and researchers new opportunities and cllallenges ahead.
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