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BBC's SuperPower, the Inteternet Phenomenon Explained

Monday, March 8, 2010

The BBC started today on the World News and online a series of programs and posts about the Internet. The series is called SuperPower. The map with the Internet growth,  a short tutorial about how the Internet works and a counter are nice things to see. Interesting stories to read and of course important the article about the fact that the Internet becomes a fundamental human right. Next to all bad things people can say about the Interent and different problems that still wait for solutions in the virtual world no one can refuse that the web has become a major contributor to consumer empowerment (ask any field marketer about this) and has redifined human communication and life. Dictatorships and pseudo democracies all around the world will be the next victims of the peoples' empowerment despite putting bloggers in jail and trying to censor the web or block people from accessing it.
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