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Social Media Marketing Case: the Dominos Pizza Effect II

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Dominos Pizza Effect is on of the favorite posts for many new visitors of this blog for some reason. Maybe because the search term "Dominos Pizza" is popular (see the advantage of using the right labels!). Today another story of Dominos Pizza and Social Media: it is about how Ramon DeLeon, a social media savvy Dominos Pizza manager in Chicago turned a potential (social media) publicity disaster to a textbook social media marketing case study. 
It all started when a customer in Chicago (who happened to be none less than Amy Korin also known as Interactive Amy) received the wrong pizza after an hour delay. The details of the story you can read in the Social Media Examiner ; the video of Ramon setting the record straight is quite interesting. For those of the blog visitors who have followed my lectures on Social Media Marketing the situation must be familiar. (Remember the Passive and Active ways of engaging Social Media as Marketing tools?).
My thanks to Sander Duivestein for his post that put my attention to the case.
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