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My article "Web 2.0: Conceptual Foundations and Marketing Issues" in special about 10 years of the JDDDMP

Monday, December 14, 2009

The official journal of the Institute of Direct Marketing, the Palgrave MacMillan Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice (Formerly Interactive Marketing) celebrating its 10-year anniversary invited Dr. Dave Chaffey * to give a personal perspective on the significant changes in marketing concepts and practice over the last 10 years as reflected by contributions to the IDM Journal. Chaffey selected 10 articles ( in his words "most significant, engaging and useful papers") published over these 10 years reflecting the evolution and transition from Direct to Interactive Marketing as a result of the digital technologies. I proudly saw my 2008 article "Web 2.0: Conceptual foundations and marketing issues" co-authored by Stefan Fountain included in the selection as one of the 10 contributions highlighting the transition. For those interested the article is available as free download at the site of the Journal.

*Dr Dave Chaffey is a consultant, trainer and author specialising in digital marketing. His books include Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and Ebusiness and Ecommerce Management. He helped develop the IDM Certificate and Diploma in Digital Marketing for which he is a tutor and examiner.
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