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Social Media as Marketing Tools: Low cost thriller becomes a $ 100 million blockbuster

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Those who doubt about the potential of the Social Media as Marketing tools must read this: A $ 15.000 movie becomes a blockbuster via buzz marketing. The Paramount film Paranormal Activity originally released in 12 student towns is now nationally available in US and Canadian  movie theaters and is about to cross $ 100 million at the box office soon. The San Diego firm Eventful created an online campaign based on widgets placed in blogs or other kinds of social media sites frequented by movie goers. Visitors of the sites could "demand" to have the movie in their city. After receiving more than a million demands Paramount released the film nationally with accent on the areas that most demands originated from. 
Not bad at all for a low budget film (it seems to be a scary one from the trailers I saw, it is not available in Holland yet). No need to say that the film has already its TWITTER  stream with 9.000 followers and a FACEBOOK page with 160.00 fans.
For the Thriller fans in Holland some good news: To my surprise I found that 32 people have voted already to have the film in Enschede! The buzz seems to go overseas
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