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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tony Karrer and I launched the B2B Marketing Zone (aka, The BMZ) on July 1 (see New Hub Site Focuses on B2B Marketing Intelligence). Since that time, it's been steadily growing in traffic and subscribers.

The site has also been gradually adding the very best sources of content on B2B Marketing. Here's the list of the sources that represent the Top 40+ B2B Marketing blogs:

Please let me know if I'm missing any blogs that produce great content around B2B Marketing.

Beyond having the best blogs as sources of content, much of the growth has to do with the site's ability to generate "Best Of" lists such as:

Subscribing to the Best Of B2B Marketing Zone is a great way to get the best from these sources. Tony tells me that he uses these Best Of posts as a way to see the very best from these 40+ blogs each month. "B2B Marketing is important to many of my clients, but I just don't have time to read all the posts from all these sources. The Best Of list is a great for someone like me."


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