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Best of 2008 (So Far) - SEO Link Building

Monday, September 29, 2008

Looking for creative ways to go beyond "standard" link building practices? Want to figure out which linking strategies your competitors are using? What's the proper balance between link acquisition and link baiting activities? How can you get links from high-authority sites? Need to build up some external links quickly for a new or redesigned website?

Discover all of this and more in these blog posts and articles, some of the best so far in 2008 on link building strategies and tactics.

Building Links with Big Brand Websites, Part 2 by Find Resolution

Search marketer Dave McAnally explains five link-building tactics useful for big brand websites, though some of these—integrating SEO with PR efforts and leveraging all of your digital assets, for example—are smart moves for any size company.

Analyzing Your Competitor’s Backlinking Strategies by Search Engine Journal

The brilliant Ann Smarty shows how to evaluate your competition's niche link-building strategy, their deep linking strategy, and their targeted anchor text.

Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer by Audette Media

Internet marketing strategist Adam Audette provides just what the title states: a detailed, step-by-step guide to determining where your site should be linked for maximum SEO value, then obtaining links. Different tactics are likely to work better, and be more appealing, for different types of sites. As Adam writes, "There are many different ways to build links. There’s no `right way' and no “best practices,” there’s only creativity, intelligence, and labor."

List of Free Directory Submission by Everyday SEO

Here's a list of almost 2,000 directories that allow you to submit sites for link building. Most are free; some of the sites charge for links, some require a reciprocal link, and many are spammy and have suspiciously similar submission forms. Is this a tremendous resource, or just a colossal waste of time?

Baiting and Beseeching — Obtaining the right mix of chasing links and getting them to chase you by Hamlet Batista

Writing that "a mixed approach of link acquisition and link baiting is best," Hamlet Batista presents the tactics, pros and cons to each approach in this thoughtful and detailed post.

Link Request Strategies for Blogs, Edu’s & .Gov’s: Respect My Authoritah! by Search Engine People

SEO link guruess Melanie Nathan offers carefully crafted advice on how to obtain links from high-authority sites such as government websites and blogs. Her recomendations range from utililitarian (how to write an email requesting a government site link) to social (comment on blogs and establish a relationship before asking for a link) to provocative ("This is a bit cheeky but it helps to pay special attention to the type of site you’re emailing in regards to your name. For instance, if I am emailing a blog that is run by a 25 year old male, I am more likely to use something like ‘heidi(at)’ or ‘naomi(at)’").

Link Building Tips by Traffic Travis

This article details 15 strategies for generating links. Most are obvious, but it's a helpfully comprehensive list to keep handy. The strategies vary from creative (finding local link opportunities) to ubiquitous (directory submissions) to questionable ("Wikipedia - very good if you can get links from here" - Wikipedia of course uses insidious nofollow tags and its priesthood is notoriously hostile to anything that remotely resembles commercial content).

6 Ways to Get Nearly Instant Links to your Web Site by Bill Hartzer

A helpful list of tactics for generating links quickly, such as using directories, social bookmarking sites and blog comments.

Using Logic to Prove that Directory Links are NOT Worthless by Big Oak SEO Blog

Will Paoletto contends that directory links are still valuable for SEO, and that "Google only punishes directories that sell links to a.) create the public perception that buying directory links isn’t effective anymore and b.) rob directories of power in the only way it can–through manual penalties."

5 experts demystify SEO link building by iMedia Connection

iMedia Connection deputy editor Michael Estrin gets to the heart of link building, asking five SEO experts—Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik, SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin, founder Todd D. Malicoat, Eric Ward and Alliance-Link founder Debra Mastaler—questions regarding the value of internal links, when linking out is helpful for SEO, the role of proper hyperlink text and more.

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