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Basho EMail Promotes Community

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not long ago I wrote about Basho Technologies, a sales training firm in Cambridge, MA, that has a robust approach to building community on its website. Later I commented that B2B community makes a lot of sense—people are motivated to join communities that offer them value, and good B2B communities can offer useful job-related benefits.

A few days ago I got their e-newsletter and realized they were using it in an interesting way. Most corporate newsletters offer information and try to get you to buy things. Basho is using this edition to help build their community. There’s some selling, but it’s extremely soft.
The main feature is a contest for the best sales close; there will be a runner up. But there’s also a category for “worst.” We can learn a lot from mistakes (hopefully other people's, not ours!), so that’s a great idea. I also love the prize; it includes a free hour of consultation with one of their sales trainers. Oh, yes; it includes an iPod Nano, just like the other two categories. I’d love to know how many responses they get; something tells me that the response will be substantial.

Is their approach working? There are two workshops listed on their newsletter. Both are sold out. That should mean something.
When I clicked through, I got a landing page with a reasonably detailed case study instead of their home page, which I thought was interesting. That’s nice integration at a time when they are (were, actually) promoting workshops.

I’m enjoying following this company. They have a thoughtful approach to marketing their service. They also have a sense of humor. What more can you ask for in the enervating days of high summer? Year-round—what more can you ask for in a community of sales warriors?
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