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A Few More Thoughts from Christopher Barger

Monday, June 30, 2008

Two weeks ago I shared some online marketing/PR wisdom from GM's social media guy, Christopher Barger. Here are a few more of his thoughts to wrap things up.

Most important social networking tools:

Chris hates Twitter (another thing we agree on!) but recognizes that it has an impact. Following the influencers in any sphere can be a great way to learn what is important there. It can help monitor what's being written about your company, product or service, and help you pick up on which bloggers to follow.

He likes Ning, Digg,, Reddit, Facebook, and Lee LeFever's In Plain English videos.

What matters in blogging:
  • Simplicity
  • Two-way dialog
  • Access (provide a method for reader contact other than the comment form)
  • Transparency
  • Unique value
  • Listening
Recommended books:Final piece of advice: learn from your kids. They've grown up with the Internet and developed the ability to rapidly separate what's hot from what's not in an environment with an unprecedented rate of technological change.


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