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Hear About PR & Social Media at the B4B Conference

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Blogging for Business (B4B) Conference coming up in Salt Lake City on June 6 will feature an intriguing lineup of speakers, including:
  • Brian Critchfield of Navel Marketing on how the consumer revolution is driving transparency in marketing;

  • Charlie Craine, Director of Interactive Media for the Deseret News;

  • Christopher Barger, GM's Director of Global Communications Technology (who recently did a great podcast with Albert Maruggi);

  • Cyndi Tetro, VP of Products and Marketing at NextPage and co-founder of the Marketing Executive Forum;

  • Dave Bascom of;

  • Jake McKee, Principal and Chief Ant Wrangler at Ant's Eye View, a Dallas-based customer collaboration strategy practice, and former Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGO Company;

  • Jason Brown, blogger and co-founder of Brown Lures;

  • Intellectual property attorney and blogger Rand Bateman;

  • A panel discussion on "Pitching to Bloggers: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Will Get You in Trouble" featuring Naked Jen of the New York Times, Mommy Blogger Shannon Johnson and Laura Moncur of Starling Fitness; and

  • me - talking about how PR practitioners can optimize their use of social media in a session called, for now at least, "Approaching Bloggers and Engaging Audiences."
Conference organizer Matthew Reinbold has once again put together an event that will provide invaluable information for marketers and PR pros on how to effectively engage their audiences online.


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