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Two More Social Media Sites to Check Out

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here's another social media tagging site look into, as well as a new place to keep track of everything web-related that's important to you.

First, Zanby is a new social media site. Okay, with Digg,, Searchles, Zimbio et al does the world really need another such site? In this case, yes—Zanby combines features common to other social tagging sites (such as the ability to browse and create groups) with a powerful set of collaboration features, such as the ability to upload/share documents and photos, create lists, arrange events and start or contribute to message threads. That makes it useful for everything from moms setting up playdates, to community organizing, to collaborative online research projects. As they describe the environment on their About Us page, "The Zanby suite of tools will allow groups to scale naturally from small gatherings to large businesses with enterprise organizational needs."

Second, Jeff Rusinow, formerly of, has launched a new site, TopNetPix, that aims to be, in Jeff's words, "a better mousetrap, sort of a combination of Mahalo (human-powered search), Yahoo (in the content-aggregator sense) and Netvibes (customizable web desktop)." There is an overwhelming amount of content on the home page, but the point of the site is to let you personalize your TopNetPix (it's "more of a verb than a noun" as they put it) to add "streaming audio and video as well as the latest real-time news, sports scores, stock market data, and weather information" and even check your email right within your TopNetPix desktop. The site has lofty goals but is off to a very impressive start.


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