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Podcast Promotion vs. Blog Promotion

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

While there are several similarities between blog and podcast promotion, as an audio medium, podcasts offer several addition avenues for distribution. So, podcasts are somewhat of a different animal when it comes to promotion.

Blogs use RSS feeds to get indexed by search engines, as well as promotion tools such as Technorati, TruthLaidBear, Pingoat, BeeTooBee (for marketing blogs) and social media sites like BlogMarks. RSS feeds can be distributed through numerous sites; Robin Good still has one of the best lists ever.

Podcasts also use RSS feeds for distribution and are indexed by search engines based on the surrounding content—podcast files are generally placed on blogs or web pages along with text describing the subject and participants in the podcast. However, podcasts can also get added distribution through services such as iTunes, ODEO, Yahoo Podcasts,, Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle. Want to really go nuts? Check out podCast411's directory of roughly 150 podcast promotion sites.

To use any of those promotional services, you'll need to create an RSS feed of your podcast, which can be done easily through FeedBurner. FeedBurner also provides an excellent tutorial on how to produce, store and index your podcasts using popular blogging tools. PodcastingNews provides step-by-step instructions for creating a podcast+blog+feed using Blogger and Feedburner.

In short, there's a bit more involved not only in recording podcasts, but also storing and promoting them than there is with blogs—but the addition distribution tools for podcasts make them like a super blog entry that has more methods of promotion.

My thanks to uber-podcaster Paul Dunay for his wisdom and guidance on podcast promotion for this post.


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