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B2B PR - Social Media and Press Release Optimization

Monday, August 20, 2007

Melodramatic and obvious perhaps, but news sites, online press release distribution and social media tagging have radically altered the PR landscape. PR is no longer just about writing press releases announcing your internally-focused company news to select industry media (though you should still do that), but also about writing news releases that demonstrate your expertise and provide valuable content for your prospects. These releases need to be written and distributed differently than traditional press releases, with the goal of reaching both traditional and new media outlets indirectly through increased market exposure.

All press releases and news releases need to be search-engine optimized. Much has been written on this topic, but the best single piece I've seen is Rob Garner's Yes, You Should Still Optimize Press Releases. Rob brings all of the elements together in one excellent, concise post. Among Rob's tips:
  • Include popular keyword and keyword phrases in the release summary, or the secondary release heading.

  • Reinforce the major keyword theme in the body of the release. Once again, what works for optimizing Web pages goes for releases as well.

  • Include the company URL in the first paragraph, after the company name.

Rob's post has ten tips like these—very much worth not only reading, but printing out and hanging where you'll see it every time you write a new press or news release.

Finally, promote your releases directly to your market through outreach to influential industry bloggers, an online distribution service such as PRWeb, and through tagging on social media sites.


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